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I just dont want my photography slept on tbh. 

That, is an emotion I can second.

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Sunrise Ceremony: Sacred Fire.

Alacatraz, Ca. 2013.

Here Comes The Sun: Sunrise Ceremony.

Alcatraz, Ca. 2014.


Dyna, Diana, Or Donna…

UPDATE: It’s Dyna! Or is it dinah?

Oakland, Ca. 2014.

I can’t remember exactly what her name was (I’m shit with names)…  She was outside the laundrymat studying, while I was shooting up the hood. She was pretty cool too, unlike most of the, ahem, “new” neighbors.

City Lights.

San Francisco, Ca. 2014.

Energies Align. ( Breath in. Breath out )

Oakland, Ca. 2014.

I talk to other photographers as much as I can, and it seems that most of them want to try street photography, but are afraid of possible violent confrontation. Maybe it’s because I’m like, a street dude ( or was ) but I’ve never been got at aggressively. The most I’ve gotten are a few snarky remarks, and requests to not be posted to instagram, or facebook… Which I always oblige. But I find it’s better to ask for forgiveness, than permission. And it’s best not to ask for either. I don’t try to conceal my camera, or “shoot from the hip”, and I smile, or nod, to create positive interaction when someone notices I’m shooting them. If they cover their faces, or turn their heads, I abandon the shot. It’s a balance, and I understand that people have a right to feel comfortable, and safe in their own skins out in public, as much as I have a right to practice my art and capture whatever moment ( because that’s what my street photography is more about than anything else ) that unfolds before me. While I practice my art, I have to be aware and conscious of the fact that cameras make a lot of people uncomfortable, but also that as a photographer, one of those people shouldn’t be you. If the prospect of street photography seems too stressful for you, it’s because it just might be. But you won’t know until you try…

They only recommendation I can make is to try it out. Good places to start are street fairs, festivals, local tourist attractions, places people won’t be surprised to see cameras… Try it. It’s fun.

Emeryville, Ca. 2014.
My daughter, exercising complete faith in the wishing fountain industrial complex…


Emeryville, Ca. 2014.

My daughter, exercising complete faith in the wishing fountain industrial complex…


Hood Fashion Supply.

Emeryville, Ca.